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Are my category 6 cables within spec?

Understand how category 6 cables are balanced in this expert response with our infrastructure and cabling expert.

We have recently instructed a cabler to install cat6 cables. In one place the cat6 cables cross and touch the power cables at a 90 degree angle. Then there are five cat6 cables that share the same trunking for 8 meters. The cabler claims that the installation is within spec. Is this true?
Power and data cables are not supposed to share the same pathways in parallel. That said, category 6 is far better balanced than 5e and as such can cancel out any interference at low frequencies (that would include building power). However, if there are issues, you need to understand that they will be noise related and will be rather difficult to troubleshoot as they won't be predictable. The reason for not running the cables in the same pathway is also a safety issue and depending on where you are, may not be allowed by code.
This was last published in October 2007

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