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Are my Microsoft credentials out of date?

I am working in a IT-Enabled company and I am presently under going training in CCNA. After this many years I am in doubt as to whether I am in a right line or not. This is because of the day-to-day changes in the market.

My goal is to become a consultant in this systems and network line. But I am not sure whether I am going in a right direction. Please tell me how I can make my dream true.
Your Microsoft credentials are out of date, and you don't indicate what versions of Solaris, Linux, and AIX you've worked with. To make yourself as attractive as possible, all these credentials or knowledge bases must be completely up to date. You might also consider pursuing certs in Solaris 9, Red Hat, and investigate offerings in IBM's amazingly large collection of technical certifications.

To work as a consultant in the systems and nework line, you might also want to consider pursuing a master's degree with an emphasis on network design, protocols, security, wireless, or some other relevant and popular subject matter.

I agree that the market is in a real up-and-down phase right now, and that job security is pretty chancy at all levels. By making sure you are on top of your subject matter, and learning how to position your knowledge and experience to the best advantage for your employer (and ultimately, for yourself) you should be able to reach your stated goals.
Good luck!

This was last published in February 2003

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