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Are my Cisco certification course books too outdated to use?

If your Cisco certification course books are nine years old are they too outdated? Our Cisco certification expert explains their relevance to the exams and advises why they might be good to keep.

I took the CCNA course and finished although I did not certify. I have gone back to my Cisco books to look at studying again. My question is how much has changed with OSI in the last nine years? Should I scrap the old CCNA and CCNP books because they are outdated now?
You are asking the wrong person that question since I am quite the book packrat. There is always good information in older books since you never know when you might come across that legacy technology that you need to refresh but is no longer on the exam (such as ISDN and IGRP).

More to the point, however, I do think you will be better served updating your library to prepare for the new exam. The OSI has not changed, but there are some updated topics that will not be present in your old books such as VoIP, wireless technologies, and the SDM GUI interface. If you are looking for a recommendation, I am biased to recommend the CCNA Exam Prep 640-802 which I co-authored.

This was last published in May 2008

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