Are Fortune 500 companies embracing data center infrastructures?

Is Google's commitment to investment in purpose-built data center infrastructure resonating with other Fortune 500 companies? Cloud data center expert Marshall Bartoszek weighs in.

Are Fortune 500 companies embracing data center infrastructures like Google has?

It depends. Most traditional Fortune 500s have hundreds of millions of dollars invested in their data centers and the infrastructure that supports their businesses. Google's data centers were purpose-built from the ground up, and the company has continued to add on to that basic data center infrastructure over the last 10-plus years. It is not easy for a Fortune 500 company to change over three, five or even 10 years. The incremental change we have seen in Fortune 500 companies is the movement to cloud and virtualized server deployments. With minimal change to the existing infrastructure, Fortune 500 companies have been able to maximize previous capital expenditures and show a real return on investment.

A trend we have seen developing among Fortune 500 companies is the carving-out of certain services and creating computing niches within the larger data center. Examples include high-frequency trading networks that often reside within larger, general-purpose enterprise data centers.

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This was last published in September 2011

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