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Application performance management tools don't have to be disruptive

ExtraHop’s application performance management tools offer a simple and non-disruptive deployment on the systems being monitored, saving IT organizations time and money.

What are the benefits of application performance management tools that are not agent based?

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One example would be the ExtraHop tool which does not require any agents or other instrumentation on the systems being monitored. As a result, the ExtraHop system imposes no overhead on systems and never perturbs the applications it is monitoring.

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ExtraHop's tool is automated, which also simplifies deployment. Other APM products, especially agent-based APM tools, require extensive configuration, testing and certification. The ExtraHop system automatically discovers and classifies devices connected to the network with no manual configuration required. This plug-and-play capability enables IT organizations to generate up-to-date application activity maps and see real-time transactions occurring in the datacenter.

In addition to the fast initial setup, the passive deployment and auto-discovery capabilities of the ExtraHop system work tremendously well for increasingly dynamic environments in which new virtual machines can be created and moved across the datacenter with the click of a button. IT organizations also spend negligible amounts of time and effort maintaining the system, leading to an extremely low total cost of ownership.

This was last published in April 2012

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