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After some network changes, our Win98 clients now can't obtain access to our remote WinXP (upgraded

I have a network at my office at Karachi, which is connected to Hong Kong via WAN through a DSL connection. When we had Win98 clients, it was working well but about one month ago we replaced some machines with IBM net vista, equipped with WinXP Pro on them.

Soon after that out head office at Hong Kong changed our DNS server and gave us new IP addresses. (The new DNS server is in Hong Kong while the previous one is still attached with our LAN at Karachi with no change in configuration.) After changing the DNS, our Win98 machines cannot access WinXP machines and when we tried to connect we got a message "log on server cannot be found" in all but one XP machine which ends with the message "Enter Network Password " but does not accept our domain administrator password.
It seems like there have been a number of changes completed on your network, which as a result, stopped your Win98 clients from obtaining access to the remote WinXP (upgraded from Win98) PCs.

From your description of the problem, I am led to believe that the new WinXP machines are part of an existing or new domain, rather than a simple workgroup setup.

The nature of these networks make the extremely difficult to troubleshoot, especially when you have no access to them and there are quite a few questions that need to be answered in order to give an outsider a good overview of the setup and problem.

Since the information you have given me is not enough to nail this problem, I can only suggest a few troubleshooting points which will hopefully help you determine what the problem is and then find ways to resolve it.

If in fact the remote WinXP machines are part of a domain, then obtaining access directly to the workstations might provide difficult or even impossible, depending on any policies that might have been activated to tighten the security measures.

I'd strongly suggest you talk to the administrator (I'm hoping they have one) to explain how the workstations have been setup.

The easiest case would be if they are part of a simple workgroup, where security is a lot more flexible and accessing resources on them is a simple matter of sharing them and obtaining a simple login/password.

You will need to make sure the remote machines have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled in their network properties and that you have a valid login/password to obtain access to the shared resources.

To help keep things simple, I'd suggest you start working from the machine that is presenting you with the "Enter network password" error. Create a valid account on that machine, ensuring that the login name for that account is the same as the one you are using on the local Win98 machine, and if possible, use the same password. Then you can share a directory and try to access it from your Win98 workstation. If all has been setup correctly, you should get access to it without requiring to enter any password as you are transparently authenticated using the current login/password you supplied on your local machine when you logged in.

As far as accessing the rest of the machine and receiving the "log on server not found" error. It sounds like your having problems contacting the domain controller, but yet again, I cannot be sure for the reasons I have already mentioned. I'd advise you to visit http://support.microsoft.com and search for similar errors by using the key words "log on server not found". That should reveal a few articles that are more likely to describe the problem your experiencing and also offer a solution.
Good luck!

This was last published in November 2003

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