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After getting my CCNA and two years of experience as a trainee at an Indian tech company, what shoul

I have been a trainee in Wipro Infotech in Chennai for the past two years. I just finished my CCNA. What should I do now (or next) to get a better position in our organization?
Since it sounds like your organization is a Cisco customer/user, it may be worthwhile to consider pursuing a Cisco professional (CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCIP, or CCVP) or specialist credential as your next step. Look around you in your current position to assess what kinds of Cisco technologies are most relevant or important. If its networking (routing and switching); consider the CCNP; if network design and implementation, consider the CCDP (which requires earning the CCDA as well) in addition; if voice, then CCVP; if security, then CCSP; and so on and forth.

But before you invest more time and effort in certification, I'd also urge a quick, informal chat with your supervisor to ask if obtaining such credentials will help you advance in your job more quickly, or open doors to other positions within your firm. If they won't help your plans to move into a better position, you may face some hard choices - such as looking for another position elsewhere where more advanced certs will help to boost your career options and development.

This was last published in February 2005

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