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After completing my MSc Distributed System Security and Networks degree, what should I do to get a j

Training and certification expert Ed Tittel explains how to get a job after completing an MSc Distributed System Security and Networks degree.

I am currently studying MSC Distributed system security and networks in the U.K., and I want to know what I should do after completing my degree to get a job in this related field. What particular subject should I focus more or study more about, and what skills should I develop to make a place for myself in the current market?
Dear Sir or Madam:
You might want to consider pursuing a technical information security certification of some kind or another. Were you here in the US, I would recommend something like the ISC-squared's CISSP, ISACA CISM, or one of the SANS GIAC intermediate or senior level credentials. But since I don't know much about how those credentials are recognized or accepted in the U.K., I'd urge you to talk to a faculty advisor or mentor about how best to pursue your career goals. At a minimum, you'll want to make sure your research and/or thesis work is relevant to the workplace (that will help you find a good position); at best, you might luck into research work that would lead directly to post-matriculation employment.
Best of luck in your career planning and training/education activities!
This was last published in April 2007

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