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After VLAN configuration why can't computers in one gateway locate those in other gateways?

We configured a VLAN for our network on our switches, dividing the network on 3 different subnets so our default gateway would be (;; In our case, every floor will have a default gateway. My problem is the computers that are located in the same gateway can locate each other using the Windows XP tool Network Place-> Entire Network->, but they cannot locate the computers on the 2 others gateways. I can access them using 'RUN' and by entering the computer name (if I know the name) without any problem. The issue is that the users can't guess the other computers so they can access the shared folder on each workstation. What should I do?

It looks like routing is not happening. Check the device on which you have enabled routing and see if all subnets are advertised or not. You might want to add IP helper to the device where you have enabled routing.dress of default gateways> to the device where you have enabled routing.
This was last published in March 2010

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