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Advice for entering the network security field

Sir, I am doing a post graduation course in Networking, I want to go into the field of network programming that is related to network security. I am also planning to do my R&D project on some communication protocol. Sir, I have no one to guide in this particular field. Please tell me how should I go about it. Thanks
Nothing is harder in IT, if you understand the underlying technology. Security is all about thinking smart.

The best place to start would be the newsgroups at IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and IEEE. Just to let you know, IETF has several newsgroups and mailing lists focusing on different technology.

Depending on your area of interest you can join one of these mailing lists /newsgroups. The archive section will give you an in depth knowledge about the IETF work. It's a platform for the technology people to come together and work for a common goal. You can post your comments and learn what others in these fields have to say. Most of the times depending on the mailing list you choose, the group is working on solving known/reported problems or working towards a new technology.

Additionally, you can attend Web seminars at SearchNetworking and get to know more about networks from the experts in this field. You can also search the knowledgebase for white papers and articles about network technologies.

Another thing that I would recommend you is to join Security workgroups and Associations like ISSA, CSI & ISOC.

Hope it helps you in getting started. All the best.

Please write back if you need any more information.

This was last published in August 2002

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