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Adding a Windows NT client

I'm trying to setup a new domain network. What are the necessary steps in a server-client network to have a Windows NT 4.0 Server configured to and recognize a Windows 98 client in a single domain environment? What are the steps needed to be done on the client side?
Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.
  1. Install the Protocols
    For Windows 98 computers to communicate with an NT server, they must be using one of the protocols used by the NT server, TCP/IP or NetBEUI.
  2. Add the workstation to the NT Server.
    Right-click on the Share Properties dialog box on your Windows 98 computer to share any drives or folders that you want the NT station and any other Windows 98 computers to be able to access.
  3. Configure user accounts
    On the NT domain controller you will need to create a user account. NT's User Manager for Domains can be used to create these accounts. This will need to be performed for each Windows 98 user that you wish to have access to resources on the NT server.
  4. Configure Logon
    To complete this process each Windows 98 computer must log on to the NT domain. Therefore, open Control Panel and Networks on the Windows 98 computer and double-click on Client for Microsoft Windows Networks. Click on the Domain checkbox and type in the name of your NT domain.

Good luck!
This was last published in February 2003

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