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802.11b, a, or g for my home network?

I'm planning on installing a wireless network in my home between my two PCs. Which network do you like the best - 802.11b, a, or g?
If you are just connecting two PCs, you can just use 802.11b.

Here's a basic tutorial from HomeNetHelp.com that has more information for 802.11b home networks: http://www.homenethelp.com/802.11b/index.asp

Here's some additional advice from Lisa Phifer:
If the PCs are no more than about 50 feet apart in a typical residence, 802.11b will provide 5-6 Mbps, and that's probably plenty of bandwidth. The only reason to use 802.11a or g is if you need more bandwidth, for example, to push large video files between these two PCs.

This was last published in April 2003

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