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640-607 exam

I am currently using study material for 640-507, I was wondering whether this will be enough to be prepared for 640-607 exam.
Dear Jovin:
The 640-607 exam includes simulator-based questions that exercise your knowledge of IOS and various router and switch interfaces. The 640-507 material did not include much detail in these particular areas, so if you want to use your 640-507 materials to help you prepare, you should at least purchase a set of practice exams for 640-607 so you will be adequately prepared for the exam when you sit to take it.

OTOH, I'd recommend that you check out the Cisco Press Study Guide for 640-607. It includes practice test questions with a simulator built in, and its content has been refreshed to match completely what appears on the newer exam. You can find discounted copies at half.com, amazon.com, and other online outlets if the $60 cover price is too scary.

This was last published in February 2003

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