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640-507 to 640-607 has substantial changes to exam content

I am in a bit of confusion and sincerely hope that you could help me out. I am studying for Cisco CCNA exams, but the book I got are 640-507 preparation library, and the new version is 640-607 preparation library.

Is it that the whole exam has changed or it only the exam format that has changed, and does the study material in this book remain the same.

Is it mandatory for me to upgrade my books or I can simply go with the stuff I have.

You'd be surprised how many times I've been asked this question. Cisco updated the exam from 640-507 to 640-607 on very short notice and did make substantial changes to exam content, largely in response to learning that certain test centers had videotaped entire question banks and were selling them as "practice tests" to candidates with a "no-fail" guarantee. Thus, I'm afraid the 507 materials won't work for the 607 exam, because that newer exam includes simulator software that requires you to be able to understand and use basic IOS and other software commands on 2600 class routers and the Catalyst 1900 switches.

There are two approaches you can take to upgrade your materials:

1. You can replace them entirely

2. You can augment your current collection with some new, up-to-date materials. In particular, I'd recommend the following supplements

(a) Cisco CCNA Exam 640-607 Flash Card Practice Kit (Cisco Press, ISBN: 1587200481, List Price: 39.95)

(b) CCNA Practical Studies (Cisco Press, ISBN: 1587200465, List Price: $49.95)

The study guide has also been upgraded and includes a CD-based simulator to let you practice your new skills and knowledge; if you choose not to spend that money, I urge you to obtain a good set of 640-607 practice exams instead from a reputable vendor like Transcender, SelfTest Software, MeasureUp, PrepLogic, and so forth.

Good luck on your upcoming exam.

This was last published in March 2003

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