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About Us


With over 100 current contributors and millions of registered members, we are one of the largest and most active online communities dedicated to the enterprise network.

Network managers and other IT professionals in a variety of industries rely on us for up-to-date industry news, must-have technical tips, and valuable best practices on top networking trends like wireless LANs, IP addressing and subnetting, network security and firewalls, Ethernet, virtualization, and network and systems management and monitoring. Plus, we cover the latest on career-boosting network certifications, such as the popular CCNA and CCNP.  

And with the guidance of our experts, you can be certain the information you’re getting is credible, timely, and accurate. Contributors include:

  • Nemertes Research CIO, John Burke
  • Principal of the Jacobs Group and networking industry veteran, David Jacobs
  • ZK Research Founder and Principal Analyst, Zeus Kerravala

So, whether you are looking for advice on micro-segmentation, upgrading legacy network infrastructure, or seeking new management strategies to improve the performance of your network and save money, our accomplished editorial team and contributors have you covered.

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