Preparing for the IPv6 global Internet upgrade

To ensure there are enough Internet addresses, the plan to upgrade the Internet from IPv4 to IPv6 has been controversial. Now most experts say it's no longer a question of whether to update but when it needs to be done. Find out what IPv6 means for the future of the Internet and how it will impact service provider networks.

To make sure the Internet doesn't run out of addresses, most experts say it's no longer a question of whether to upgrade the Internet's architecture from IPv4 to IPv6, but when it needs to be done. A dwindling supply of addresses and an influx of new multimedia content have taxed the structure of the Internet, which only begs the question of how to keep networks running smoothly as traffic grows exponentially.

It's been discussed for years, but is IPv6 the right solution for a revitalized Internet infrastructure? Some say it's imperative, while others say IPv6 is merely a stop-gap measure. Find out more about IPv6 and how it will impact service provider networks.

ARIN CEO: IPv6 is coming, regardless of looming routing crisis
ARIN CEO John Curran said that despite a looming routing crisis for service providers, IPv6 must be implemented because other fundamental problems are decades off, and this one is here now.

IPv6 blog roll
Telecom Timeout:
Are you worried about telecom's "Mad Max" moment?

Telecom Timeout:
Is IPv6 a sure thing? Not if the Pouzin Society has anything to say about it

Uncommon Wisdom:
Envisioning a new Internet architecture

IPv6 deployment: Time for action
The telecom industry is facing its third set of urgent IPv6 deployment warnings, and this time it's for real. This tip tells service providers how to get ready to move from IPv4 to IPv6 and start testing their entire configuration.

Internet structure shifts as IP address challenges grow, study says
A Nemertes Research study says the Internet's structure is changing to handle multimedia content delivery just as IPv4 address shortages create network architecture problems that could slow core router performance.

Enterprise IPv6 upgrades mean new service provider opportunity
In this podcast, IPv6 expert and Cisco technical leader Chip Popoviciu shares his advice on how service providers can turn an IPv6 upgrade into a new revenue opportunity.

IPv6 readiness heightened as IP addresses dwindle
The move to IPv6 has been under discussion for years, but as IPv4 address space dwindles, industry experts say now's the time to take IPv6 seriously.

This was last published in May 2009

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