Today's threats are more sophisticated than ever, and the number of breaches is only increasing. Organizations need the best security possible for their information to remain safe, and that requires the right tools, best practices and continuing education—otherwise, companies risk an expensive breach at the hands of professional hackers. <br><br> Luckily, by making the right choices, you can protect your data at all times. Learn how to keep your company safe by utilizing the latest advanced models from the RAND Corporation and investing in next-generation firewalls with optimized performance.

RAND Model Quantifies Staying Power of Security Technologies

When you estimate the ROI of a new security technology, you usually assume that it will provide the same value year after year. But the RAND Corporation has developed a sophisticated new model of the costs and benefits of cybersecurity which has produced a surprising result. Continue Reading

Top 4 Reasons Why Security and Networking Are Coming Together

Until recently cybersecurity and networking could be treated as separate domains, with different devices, different management tools and different staffs. But that approach won’t fly today. This paper discusses why security needs to be integrated into networking equipment, monitoring and management. Continue Reading

Threat Intelligence and Next-Generation Firewalls: The Power of Openness, Quality and Timeliness

Threat intelligence is a critical ingredient for the effectiveness of your next-generation firewall (NGFW). NGFWs detect zero-day and advanced attacks using malware signatures, IP and domain reputations, and other threat indicators. But most firewall administration is slow and inflexible, making it impossible to provide threat intelligence to NGFWs with enough speed and reliability to stop today's cybercriminals. Continue Reading

Enterprise Next-Generation Firewalls: Why Performance Is Critical for Threat Protection

Many IT professionals assume that security feature content is everything for next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), and performance doesn't really matter. But in today's world of massive data breaches, threat protection is impossible without high performance. Continue Reading