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A10 Networks: AX Series 3200 1.2.4

A10 Networks' AX Series appliances are fully featured application delivery controllers (load balancing).

Product description provided by A10 Networks:
The AX Series encompasses advanced application acceleration and core server load balancing features in a space efficient 2U platform.

Utilizing the best combination of hardware and software, versus simple server hardware, the AX Series replaces incumbent vendors at a ratio of 3 or higher to 1 AX. For incumbent vendors' next generation platforms, AX typically provides twice the performance at half the price. AX increases data center efficiency while reducing management overhead and operational costs.

Advanced technology includes L7 inspection without degradation, ASIC accelerated PBSLB (policy based server load balancing), STARTTLS support and early support for IPv6, illustrating key differentiators as well as total raw performance.

Key Points:

  • Revolutionary Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) tuned for multi-core CPUs and multiple integrated ASICs
  • aRule for flexible script-based deep packet inspection for traffic management and security
  • Application acceleration including RAM Caching and SSL off-load
  • Leverage multiple Layer 4-7 features without performance degradation
  • Dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 support

Customers include NTT Plala, Limewire, Club One and Game Flier.


Product video:

A10 Networks AX Series
Click on the image above to view a video from A10Networks.

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