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Leading edge switches address Wi-Fi 6 and PoE

Before evaluating campus LAN switches, assess the organization's core needs as well as future requirements, such as capabilities for Wi-Fi 6 or high-end PoE to power IoT devices.


Mist launches on-premises Wi-Fi appliance

The Mist Wi-Fi is no longer cloud only. The company's new Mist Edge appliance splits some management components between the cloud and on premises.


9 steps for planning a wireless network

Wireless network planning may appear daunting. But IT teams can tackle this task in nine key phases, which include capacity, network integration and redundancy.


Aviatrix adds firewall service to cloud portfolio

The Palo Alto Networks VM-Series next-generation firewalls are now deployed as part of Aviatrix's Firewall Network Service -- an extension of the Multi-Cloud Backbone portfolio.

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Networking Basics

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    Everything you need to know about NetOps

    This compilation is an essential starting point for NetOps novices. These five common questions explore what NetOps is, how it can benefit networks and its effect on network teams.

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    Attenuation is a general term that refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal.

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    big-endian and little-endian

    Endianness is a term that describes the order in which a sequence of bytes are stored in computer memory. Endianness can be either big or small, with the adjectives referring to which value is stored first.

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