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What's the latest on NFV and VNFs for enterprises?

As virtualized network functions become more and more common, will that change NFV and VNF roles in businesses? Probably not, but other roadblocks may hinder further results.


What 802.3cg means for Ethernet range and speed

IEEE 802.3cg is a single-pair Ethernet standard that aims to support speeds up to 10 Mbps, extend Ethernet range up to 1,000 meters and offer multidrop capabilities.


COVID-19 could permanently change networks

In this roundup of network blogs, explore expert advice on increasing remote workers' efficiency, potential lasting effects of COVID-19 on networks and the future of networking.


Coronavirus: VPN hardware becomes a chokepoint for remote workers

VPN hardware has become a bottleneck for companies with a high number of employees working from home as a result of efforts to combat the coronavirus.

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    CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing or supernetting)

    CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) -- also known as supernetting -- is a method of assigning Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that improves the efficiency of address distribution and replaces the previous system based on class A, class B and ...

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    Does SD-WAN as a service differ from managed SD-WAN?

    SD-WAN technology is available in a variety of business models, including SD-WAN as a service and managed SD-WAN. But how do the different consumption models compare?

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    What does 'network on demand' mean for enterprises?

    Following the on-demand trend, network on-demand options provide enterprises with more flexible consumption models, such as managed network services and cloud-based networking.

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