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5 advantages of 5G for business connectivity

In addition to high speeds and low latency, the emergence of 5G cellular technology could put some pressure on the market prices of incumbent WAN connectivity.


NFV licensing, deployment hamper the technology

NFV adoption was hampered by high costs and deployment issues, according to one industry insider. Also, learn about the latest on network security and industry hype.


AT&T embraces Microsoft Azure, Office 365

The latest AT&T-Microsoft partnership announcement lacked details for buyers of enterprise products and services but gave a big boost to Microsoft's Azure public cloud.

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Explore telecom certifications and their importance

Use this expert advice to wade through myriad telecom certifications and pinpoint the top networking certifications for the telecom industry, like TCO, iNARTE and BICSI certifications.

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Networking Basics

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    Network Protocols

    Network protocols are sets of established rules that dictate how to format, transmit and receive data so computer network devices -- from servers and routers to endpoints -- can communicate regardless of the differences in their underlying ...

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    domain name system (DNS)

    The domain name system (DNS) is a naming database in which internet domain names are located and translated into internet protocol (IP) addresses.

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    What role does state play in networking?

    When it comes to understanding state from a networking perspective, knowing the difference between stateful vs. stateless firewalls is a crucial starting point.

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Blog: The Network Hub

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  • Network management software and network analytics

    Datadog adds network performance monitoring to platform

    Datadog Network Performance Monitoring intends to ease the workload of engineering teams by automating network monitoring and providing visibility down to containers.

  • Software-defined networking

    Cisco trails VMware in data center SDN

    VMware surpassed Cisco in grabbing the largest share of the money spent on software-defined networking for the data center in 2018, when the SDN market reached $7 billion.

  • Telecommunication networking

    Acacia buy makes Cisco a bigger player in DCI market

    Cisco plans to buy Acacia for $2.6 billion. Cisco's acquisition will make it a direct supplier of optical interconnects for the data centers of carriers and service providers.