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  • March 15, 2017 15 Mar'17

    AdaCore vehemently verifies (software) verification

    Software development and verification tools company AdaCore has pushed out four product releases in line with the Embedded World Conference in Nuremberg this month. Vehemently verifying ...

  • May 07, 2013 07 May'13

    Quality control plan: Zero in on error messages

    Keynotes at STAREAST 2013 discuss planning for quality control and getting a handle on error messages.

  • August 01, 2004 01 Aug'04

    Fast guide to common iSeries error messages

    We've compiled a list of resources for iSeries error messages that you can browse through quickly to find a possible solution to your error. If you've come across an error message that is not listed, we have iSeries experts on hand to help you tackle even the toughest errors out there.

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  • fudge factor

    A fudge factor is an element inserted into a calculation, formula or model to allow for error or uncertainty. Fudge factors are also used to make something congruent with an observed or desired result. Continue Reading

  • exception handler

    In Java, checked exceptions are found when the code is compiled; for the most part, the program should be able to recover from these. Exception handlers are coded to define what the program should do under specified conditions. Continue Reading

  • exception

    An exception, in programming, is an unplanned event, such as invalid input or a loss of connectivity, that occurs while a program is executing and disrupts the flow of its instructions. Exception is a short way of saying exceptional event. Continue Reading

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