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  • Compuware upgrades DC app, diagnosing application performance problems

    Compuware Corp. is beefing up its data center-monitoring application to let enterprises more accurately pinpoint the root cause of application performance problems.

    The upgrade to Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) adds and...

  • The art and science of troubleshooting network problems

    Troubleshooting network problems is part art and part science and requires creative use of tools and talent.

  • The problem with regional clouds

    A favourite internet conspiracy theory says that the only reason the US won’t allow Chinese telecoms gear to be sold on its soil is because it knows about the back doors built into the US-designed and US-built telecoms equipment that has been...

  • Handling network change: Is IPv4-to-IPv6 the least of your problems?

    Technology transitions are not black-or-white, all-or-nothing. Never has that been clearer than in networking, where a number of complicated radical shifts are occurring simultaneously.

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  • Internet of Things security: Who is responsible and how is it done?

    Securing the Internet of Things is almost too big a problem to think about. Who's responsible and how will they do it?

  • Confront the problem with healthcare data storage

    State and federal data-retention regulations and an ever-increasing volume of data -- with imaging data as the biggest culprit -- are creating a big storage dilemma for many healthcare providers. Providers are required by law to store patient data...

  • NoSQL database system, no problem?

    The slew of databases designed to handle the reams of data being produced today hold an allure, for sure. But the IT problem you’re trying to solve comes first -- or you could be in for it.

  • Prescriptive analytics: Start with the business problem

    Learn how some organizations are pioneering prescriptive analytics to revolutionize how work gets done. For starters, focus on the business problem.

  • Stampede to cloud presents data integration problems

    Alan Earls explains why the rapid adoption of the cloud is creating data integration problems, and what to do about it.

  • one-banana problem

    A one-banana problem is an easily resolved issue. According to the New Hacker's Dictionary, the term originated in the mainframe era. Reportedly, programmers and hardware experts claimed that the jobs of administrators could be...

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