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open: In information technology, a product or system is described as open when its workings are exposed to the...

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Mar 13, 2002

Open champions

This week's launch of OpenForum Europe will provide users and suppliers with a place to talk open source seriously. John Riley... Continue Reading


Jun 27, 2008


Nov 18, 2008


Problem solve Apr 16, 2007

OpenXML vs. OpenDocument

An open source software and applications expert explains why it doesn't matter whether you choose OpenXML or OpenDocument. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 18, 2006

Open hub destinations

Jay Narayanan defines the open hub destination. Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 10, 2007

Open source file distribution

An open source issues and strategies expert names several open source file sharing methods. Continue Reading


Get started Feb 20, 2009

Open source CRM implementation

Learn best practices to follow during an open source CRM implementation and get tips for using open source software. Also, read open source CRM case studies. Continue Reading


Get started Feb 20, 2009

Open source CRM tutorial

Get an overview of open source CRM software and learn about the advantages and disadvantages of open source software and the open source business model. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jun 06, 2006

Open source network applications

Karl Triebes shares his thoughts on open source network applications. Continue Reading


Nov 17, 2004

Open source enters mainstream

Enterprises previously sceptical about open-source alternatives to commercial software have opened up to the concept, an SDForum... Continue Reading