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  • Linux stream

    A Linux stream is information traveling in a Linux shell from one process to another via a pipe, or from one file to another via a redirect.

  • Linux Malware Incident Response

    In this excerpt from Linux Malware Incident Response, authors Cameron Malin, Eoghan Casey and James Aquilina discuss volatile data collection methodology, steps and preservation.

  • Linux swappiness

    Linux swappiness is the rate at which a Linux platform's kernel moves pages into and out of active memory.

  • SN blogs: What mobile enterprise application platform providers really want

    MEAP plus management is a growing trend

    Current Analysis senior analyst Charlotte Dunlap discusses a new trend of mobile enterprise application platform...

  • What separates white-box software from bare-metal switches?

    What's the difference between bare-metal and white-box switches?

    Bare-metal hardware and white-box switches are two sides of the same coin. Increased commoditization in networking, especially at scale, is giving organizations the...

  • Cisco expands Nexus 9500 and 3100 lines for high-density 40/100 GbE

    Cisco expanded its line of data center switches in the lead-up to Interop Las Vegas, launching two Nexus 9500 chassis and a high-density 40 Gigabit Ethernet...

  • Basic Linux commands for new Linux server administrators

    To manage Linux servers, administrators need a set of basic commands to view and start processes, as well as utilities that make life a little easier.

  • White-box switch market blossoms, but will enterprises buy in?

    Similar to the open source trend stirring in the server market, the idea of using bare-metal switches, also known as white-box switches, for greater flexibility and a choice of software is starting to catch on.

    White-box switching growth...

  • SN blogs: Analysts discuss how to prevent data breaches

    The rising cost of security breaches and why risk management is important

    Current Analysis blogger Paula Musich discusses how increased security budgets are necessary to prevent data breaches. It's clear that data breaches are...

  • Cumulus Networks CEO: How Linux-based switches change network ops

    Cumulus launched a Linux OS for bare-metal switches this week. We spoke to CEO J.R. Rivers about how this platform will affect network operations.

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