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  • green IT (green information technology)

    Green IT (green information technology) is the practice of environmentally sustainable computing.

  • Energy-efficient switches, servers: Is going green trendy or worthwhile?

    IT professionals and vendors weigh in on the importance of energy-efficient switches and servers, and green data center designs.

  • Global taskforce agrees on green datacentre metric

    A global taskforce on datacentre efficiency has agreed on a metric it hopes will give organisations a meaningful, standard way of measuring and reporting their energy productivity....

  • Stanford, Facebook get others on board with green IT movement

    For both environmental and cost concerns, enterprises are more and more focusing on clean technology. Even in the cloud, companies must look to increasing efficiency and minimizing unnecessary use of data center electricity and power. In this...

  • The cloud takes the green tint off SAP

    There are a number of stories currently circulating on the web concerning SAP’s energy and emissions, principally the fact that the company’s greenhouse gas emissions increased in 2013. Not because SAP was being environmentally irresponsible. Far...

  • The Green Grid

    The Green Grid is a nonprofit consortium whose mission is to become the global authority on resource efficiency in information technology and data centers.

  • Portrait of a green manufacturing partnership

    Security gateway manufacturer Stoke and its partner Creation Technologies focus on green manufacturing practices.

  • Google book scanning plan gets green light

    Google's controversial plan to scan millions of books and sell them online has finally been given the green light by a New York court

  • Schneider accreditation aims to boost green datacentre skills

    Datacentre giant Schneider Electric has introduced a free online training and certification programme to improve energy management skills across the profession. The...

  • Go for green

    Due to rising electricity costs and green legislation, green IT is no longer just a boardroom discussion but a reality for many European businesses. CW Europe looks at how to reduce running costs in the datacentre...

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