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  • Finally! APM vendors design tools with networking pros in mind

    Whenever users complain about an application being slow, the network is always first to be blamed. And yet network engineers often have limited visibility into any issues because application performance management (APM) tools have traditionally been...

  • BYOD network design: Beyond iPhones and iPads

    LAS VEGAS -- When someone uses the phrase bring your own device, a few scenarios typically come to mind: people in suits loading up presentations on personal iPads; social media gurus tending to corporate Twitter accounts on their own...

  • Networking pros need an APM tool designed for them -- not developers

    Application performance management has been designed for developers. But as apps get more complex, networking pros need an APM tool they understand.

  • Understanding the new WAN: Management and design

    This TechGuide will help you understand the demise of the traditional WAN and the emergence of the new WAN. Articles focus on how mobile devices and an increase in teleworkers have forced IT departments to find new ways to connect users to corporate...

  • A data center design certification appraisal

    Data center design certification isn't always straightforward. Don't fall for self-certification; stick to Uptime and other reputable titles.

  • Network infrastructure design requires separating forest from trees

    Is conventional network infrastructure design nothing more than a "bag of protocols"? That's what University of California, Berkeley, Prof. Scott Shenker seems to be saying. Shenker, a network expert, co-founder of Nicira and a leading proponent...

  • Planning MPLS network procurement not for faint of heart

    In order to facilitate an MPLS link for your VPN, you need to follow four key steps -- including a provider- agnostic design and review.

  • Design efficient data center cooling systems

    This tip was originally published in the Efficient Data Center Designs handbook.

    IT staff roles and workflows aren't the only things changing as IT evolves and budgets tighten -- data center designs also need an...

  • flat design

    Flat design is a simple, graphic style common in user interface (UI), software and Web design. The flat style contrasts with skeuomorphism, an approach that seeks to bring real-world effects to the items...

  • VCDX (VMware certified design expert)

    VCDX (VMware certified design expert) is VMware's highest certification level.

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