MobileAccess 850 Intelligent RF Switching Hub

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Gold Award:

MobileAccess 850 Intelligent RF Switching Hub

MobileAccess 850 Intelligent RF Switching Hub

The enterprise wireless market has seen a welcome increase in management and security awareness this year, and we're delighted to present our Gold Award to MobileAccess Networks for its innovative product addressing the shortcomings of the conventional "AP-everywhere" approach for implementing Wi-Fi.

The MobileAccess 850 (MA-850) Intelligent RF Switching Hub incorporates advanced RF features that enable more flexible and future-proof Wi-Fi deployments. With its RF switching matrix, the MA-850 can direct Wi-Fi signals from attached access points to a selectable set of broadband antennas distributed throughout the building. This ability effectively decouples the function of providing Wi-Fi "coverage" from that of providing Wi-Fi "capacity."

Our panel of judges was most impressed with the ease of integration of this product and its ability to support additional services. They also favored the cost savings the product can offer by reducing an enterprise's initial investment in access points and reducing ongoing operational expenses associated with access-point management.

The MA-850 integrates into 802.11-based environments and works with all standards-compliant third-party access points supporting 802.11b/g and 802.11a. In addition, it can be remotely managed via standard browsers and can integrate with third-party element management systems via SNMP.

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