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Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Where were you the day Apple released the iPhone for sale to the public? Many of us remember, signaling that Apple's iPhone is more than just a mobile device. It remains to be seen whether it is a cultural icon, a disruptive innovation in technology, or the tool that caused the consumer and the enterprise mobile device markets to collide. However one chooses to define this device, SearchNetworking's Product Leadership survey respondents were outspoken in their opinions -- both good and bad -- of the Apple iPhone and awarded it the silver medal in our smartphone category.

Although the iPhone was designed and marketed as a consumer device, there has been an undeniable undercurrent of interest from the enterprise arena, which was reflected in our survey. Respondents were clearly impressed with the device overall, but in terms of performance, the iPhone received just under a 70% ranking of good or excellent. One respondent commented, "Not quite a corporate device," while another made sure to mention that it is "not a business tool." Still other respondents were favorable and optimistic when it came to the use of the iPhone in an enterprise, making remarks such as: "Unreal phone -- can't wait for third-party apps. Exchange integration is great and functionality is amazing."

The true innovative feature, the iPhone touch-screen, has redefined the user experience for a mobile device. The relatively large and interactive display won the iPhone its best survey response, with nearly 90% of respondents rating the display good or excellent and 75% rating the touch-screen's ease of use good or excellent. Though one user said it was "a bit awkward" to type with one finger on the device, others repeated that the iPhone was a nearly perfect tool.

Overall design and construction also received a very high ranking of 84% good to excellent, but actual return on investment came in low, with only 54% of respondents saying they felt that they were getting their money's worth.

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