Working With Servers and Desktops

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  • Implementing software restriction policies

    This tip explains how you can use software restriction policies to keep your workstations in pristine shape and cut down on help desk calls at the same time. 

  • home server

    A home server is a computer that functions as a server in a client-server home network. 

  • Uuencode (Uuencode/Uudecode)

    Uuencode (also called Uuencode/Uudecode) is a popular utility for encoding and decoding files exchanged between users or systems in a network. 

  • Wireless laptop evolution

    If you're cycling out older laptops or deploying a whole new fleet you need to read this. In this feature column, Lisa Phifer explores the technologies and wireless interfaces you should consider when you purchase your next laptop. 

  • gateway

    A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network. 

  • Top five administrator tips of '05

    This collection of our top five administrator tips offer practical hints for enterprise-class network administrators, network designers, and system integrators. They focus on strategies for maximizing network uptime and efficiency while minimizing se... 

  • Configuring Windows Server 2003 to act as a NAT router

    Today, IP addresses are quickly becoming a scarce commodity. But a PC must have an IP address in order to communicate with the Internet. So what if there aren't enough IP addresses left for every PC to be given one? The solution is a technology calle... 

  • Remote admin cards

    A special card, usually in a PCI form factor, can give you the equivalent of console access via the network -- and help increase security as well. 

  • Why can't I print on my wireless network?


  • Why can I connect to or ping some computers via my Cisco VPN connection but not others?

    Why can I connect to or ping some computers via my Cisco VPN connection but not others? I use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to various computers on our corporate network (Windows XP PRO on all machines and each one has been allowed to receive ...