Working With Servers and Desktops

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  • Network administration: Help for designing, managing and troubleshooting your network

    Network administrators are responsible for designing, managing and troubleshooting their corporate networks. This guide provides a list of tasks and helpful hints for those working in network administration. 

  • Slow response times from client/server PC's running IFS applications

    How do you find out the culprit of a network delays when you see little bandwidth being used? Read this Q&A to see what our network administrating expert, Lindi Horton, has to say. 

  • What download speed will I get with a bandwidth of 1 MBPS?

    Wondering what kind of download speed you can get with a bandwidth of 1 MBPS? Our expert, Lindi Horton can give you the lowdown on the download. 

  • Why an Apple notebook might be the only one to drop

    When there's an Apple notebook in the mix of connected wireless PCs that keeps dropping connection, our wireless networking expert, Lisa Phifer, can tell you what's going on and how to solve this issue. 

  • four-way server

    A four-way server is a server that incorporates a multi-core processor for increased performance... (Continued) 

  • V.90

    V.90 is a A Tour of the Internet, Who Runs It, Standards Org, approved by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-TS), for transmitting data downstream to modems at 56 Kbps (thousand bits per second). 

  • Troubleshooting your network

    In this Q&A, our expert, Lindi Horton, helps with troubleshooting a network that has problems staying up in the evening. 

  • Apple fixes Mac Wi-Fi flaws

    Updated: Attackers could exploit flaws in Apple's wireless technology to cause a denial of service or run malicious code, resulting in the full takeover of vulnerable Mac machines. 

  • Fast and secure FTP server options

    Lindi Horton suggests certain options for FTP servers that need to be fast but secure. 

  • mail user agent (MUA)

    A mail user agent (MUA) is a program that allows you to receive and send e-mail messages; it's usually just called an e-mail program.