Wireless LAN Implementation

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  • Mobile devices are gobbling up your WLAN bandwidth: Here’s how to cope

    More -- and more complex -- mobile devices are jumping on your enterprise network, gobbling up bandwidth from the WLAN infrastructure. This technical guide shows you how to cope and how to prep your network for the future. 

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    This TechGuide will help you understand the demise of the traditional WAN and the emergence of the new WAN. Articles focus on how mobile devices and an increase in teleworkers have forced IT departments to find new ways to connect users to corporate ... 

  • Assessing your options for increasing wireless LAN capacity

    Enterprises most often assess new wireless specifications in terms of speed, but capacity should also be at the top of the list due to the increased use of wireless LAN for functions that include file transfers and high-bandwidth video. Network engi... 

  • Harvesting business intelligence with network monitoring tools

    Network technologies and architectures are rapidly changing due to a wide range of innovations from software-defined networking to gigabit wireless. It can be difficult for IT managers to know when to invest. The first step is to investigate the tech... 

  • BYOD challenges that lurk beyond network security

    Every access network now must be engineered to enable, manage and secure BYOD. In this edition of Network Evolution, we offer insight into designing and securing the wireless LAN for BYOD. 

  • Upgrading wireless networks in the hospital

    In the next few years, hospitals will be rolling out all kinds of technology to improve patient care. Each of these devices and systems must be able to send and receive information instantly. This e-book will dig into best practices for upgrading wir... 

  • Wired and wireless: Can you achieve an integrated network?

    Read this E-Zine to learn what options there are for companies having a unified architecture for their wireless networks, and what the advantages are. 

  • LiFi

    LiFi is a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission. LiFi is designed to use LED light bulbs similar to those currently in use in many energy-conscious homes and offices. However, LiFi bulbs ... 

  • Hot Spot 2.0 (HS 2.0)

    Hot Spot 2.0 (HS 2.0), also called Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint, is a new standard for public-access Wi-Fi that enables seamless roaming between WiFi and cellular networks. HS 2.0 is based on a set of protocols called 802.11u, which facilitates cellular... 

  • Apple Bonjour

    Apple Bonjour is a group of networking technologies designed to help devices and applications discover each other on the same network. 

  • pervasive computing (ubiquitous computing)

    Pervasive computing (also called ubiquitous computing) is the growing trend towards embedding processors in everyday objects so they can communicate information. 

  • patch antenna

    A patch antenna is a wafer-like directional antenna suitable for covering single-floor small offices, small stores and other indoor locations where access points cannot be placed centrally. 

  • software-defined radio (SDR)

    Software-defined radio (SDR), sometimes shortened to software radio (SR), refers to wireless communication in which the transmitter modulation is generated or defined by a computer, and the receiver uses a computer to recover the signal intelligence.... 

  • wireless mesh network (WMN)

    A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a mesh network created through the connection of wireless access points installed at each network user's locale. 

  • beamforming

    Beamforming is a type of RF (radio frequency) management in which an access point uses multiple antennas to send out the same signal. 

  • cognitive radio (CR)

    Cognitive radio (CR) is a form of wireless communication in which a transceiver can intelligently detect which communication channels are in use and which are not, and instantly move into vacant channels while avoiding occupied ones... (Continued) 

  • radio frequency (RF, rf, orr.f.)

    Radio frequency (abbreviated RF, rf, orr.f.) is a term that refers to alternating current (AC) havingcharacteristics such that, if the current is input to an antenna, an electromagnetic (EM) field is generated suitable for wireless broadcastingand/or... 

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    Learn about all-wireless enterprise networks, including how they look and common obstacles, in this video. 

  • How to approach wireless LAN architectures

    A poorly planned wireless LAN architecture can spell disaster for a wireless network. In this video, expert Lisa Phifer gives tips and advice on WLAN architectures, including a controller-centric approach and a decentralized/controller-less/smart AP ... 

  • TV white space spectrum and the enterprise network

    With newly available TV white space spectrum in play, what does this mean for enterprise networks? In this video, learn about how the white space frequencies will affect wireless access, and how the opening of this white space spectrum should affect ... 

  • Deploying high performance enterprise wireless LANs, screencast video

    Learn how to deploy and build a high performance enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN) with emerging technology improvements like 802.11n in order to boost network performance speeds. 

  • Wireless LAN vulnerabilities

    Learn about common wireless LAN vulnerabilities and how a few best practices can change wireless LAN issues from a problem into a helpful tool for any enterprise in this 10-minute podcast with Burton Group analyst Paul DeBeasi. 

  • Wireless LAN management strategies

    Implementing a WLAN is straightforward, but making sure it runs optimally can be challenging. Luckily, networking professionals can control and maintain their wireless networks by using well-known methodologies based on the OSI model. Here we outline... 

About Wireless LAN Implementation

Learn how to set up a wireless local area network (WLAN) and what equipment is needed, in the implementation section of our WLAN topics. Wireless LAN products and devices -- such as wireless access points (WAPs), routers, switches, antennas and controllers -- are evaluated for specific network environments. Explanations of Wi-Fi installation, configuration and design planning can help networking pros obtain the best signal coverage and reduce RF interference for their business WLANs.