Troubleshooting Wireless Networks

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  • In BYOD networking, no single solution

    Since there is no silver bullet for BYOD networking challenges, engineers need to get creative in technology integration … and then get management on board. 

  • radio frequency (RF, rf, orr.f.)

    Radio frequency (abbreviated RF, rf, orr.f.) is a term that refers to alternating current (AC) havingcharacteristics such that, if the current is input to an antenna, an electromagnetic (EM) field is generated suitable for wireless broadcastingand/or... 

  • iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network)

    iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) is a wireless technology from Motorola combining the capabilities of a digital cellular telephone, two-way radio, alphanumeric pager and data/fax modem in a single network. 

  • home agent

    In Mobile Internet Protocol (Mobile IP), a home agent is a router on a mobile node's home network that maintains information about the device's current location, as identified in its care-of address. 

  • spectrum analyzer

    A spectrum analyzer is a laboratory instrument that displays signal amplitude (strength) as a function of frequency... 

  • 802.11a

    802.11a is one of several specifications in the 802.11 family applicable to wireless local area networks (wireless LANs or WLANs). 

  • repeater

    In digital communication systems, a repeater is a device that receives a digital signal on an electromagnetic or optical transmission medium and regenerates the signal along the next leg of the medium. 

  • Wireless LAN management strategies

    Implementing a WLAN is straightforward, but making sure it runs optimally can be challenging. Luckily, networking professionals can control and maintain their wireless networks by using well-known methodologies based on the OSI model. Here we outline... 

About Troubleshooting Wireless Networks

Wireless network connectivity troubleshooting involves understanding the management tools and strategies used to reduce interference problems and improve wireless LAN performance and throughput. Whether you're dealing with Linksys appliances, Windows Vista or XP, this section provides material to help you fix your enterprise Wi-Fi.