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  • How network management can use ITIL best practices to battle recession

    Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) offers network professionals a way to thrive. Understanding business process is the first of four ITIL best practices for network management. 

  • Using ping command for troubleshooting Windows network connectivity

    Using ping command for troubleshooting networks will narrow down the causes of your Windows PC connectivity problems from the command line (CL) prompt window. The introduction to this TCP/IP diagnostic utility will give you an understanding and synta... 

  • Measure wireless network performance using testing tool iPerf

    In this tip, learn how to measure wireless networking performance with iPerf -- a tool that calculates TCP/UDP, throughput, loss and delay. Eliminate jitter, isolate bottlenecks of traffic, or monitor Wi-Fi or AP performance using this open source te... 

  • How asset management can benefit your network

    Asset management combines and impacts network operations that touch every part of the organization. Auto-discovery of infrastructure inventory provides an accurate accounting of what's there, frequently uncovering "lost," underutilized and phantom as... 

  • Automated network management alleviates staff shortages

    Automated network management offers an alternative to outsourcing and can alleviate shortages in qualified network staff. Networks keep getting more complicated, while the network management staff shortage is becoming more acute. Experienced baby boo... 

  • Using VMware to test open source network analysis tools

    Find out how open source network analysis tools can be beneficial to your network monitoring strategy, and learn how you can try out the open source network protocol analyzer Wireshark inside a VMware Player Guest OS. 

  • Understanding WMI -- Managing Windows networks using scripts, part 3

    Learn how Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) works and how it can be scripted using VBScript in this tip, originally published on 

  • Network behavioral analysis project deployment

    Deploying a successful network behavorial analysis project begins with cooperation and involvement from many teams within your organization. For a technical project, some of the team members are obvious (e.g., IT operations), others are not (e.g., co... 

  • Network visualization, automation: At odds?

    Visualization is a powerful tool. But in the context of network management, the prevalence of graphs may indicate that your network management system (NMS) is not ready to meet the requirements of autonomic network performance. Why so? Loki Jorgenson... 

  • Phishers and spambots -- appliances that fight back

    Most email security appliances are designed to deflect unsolicited inbound SMTP traffic. In this edition of our Security Spotlight Lisa Phifer examines the benefits of deploying an email security appliance and addresses what specifically to look for ...