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  • How to plan an out-of-band network management system

    To design out-of-band network management systems that are both cost efficient and effective, networking teams must consider which assets are crucial for visibility and just how much information they need to see. 

  • vSphere VLAN: Understanding 802.1Q VLAN tagging

    vSphere VLANs have requirements different from those of VLANs in physical environments because VMs are fluid and can't be assigned to one physical NIC. So 802.1Q VLAN tagging offers a new approach to configuring and managing VLANs in vSphere. 

  • How to choose ITIL monitoring tools

    ITIL network monitoring requires ITIL monitoring tools that scan network function as well as application performance and have the ability to continually update information in a series of ITIL v3 databases. 

  • Top seven network traffic monitoring challenges

    Network traffic monitoring tools are touted as the ultimate answer to meeting compliance and performance needs in the network. But a number of network traffic monitoring challenges have arisen, including difficulties in creating network baselines and... 

  • Green enterprise: Three networking investments that make a difference

    Building green enterprise IT systems can mean making networking investments that support unified communications through network quality of service, traffic monitoring and mobility. 

  • Distributed network management means no more hard NOCs

    Distributed network management with out-of-band networks enables enterprises to move away from network operations centers, becoming eco-friendly and spending less. 

  • Internal cloud computing on the cheap: Free automated provisioning?

    Internal cloud computing can be made inexpensive by using free software and in-house tools for automated server provisioning to better utilize existing compute resources. Learn how in this article from Nemertes Research principal research analyst Joh... 

  • How to translate network usage to cost

    Converting network usage data into monetary terms will help network professionals prove their worth to an organization. This article is the third in a series that explores ways in which network professionals can use ITIL best practices to help their ... 

  • Using tracert and TTL to troubleshoot network connectivity problems

    When the network is slow, packet loss could be the culprit. To troubleshoot your connection, learn how the time-to-live (TTL) and tracert ping commands can determine whether packet loss is occurring. 

  • How to align network usage information to business processes

    Network usage information aligned to business process standards is an ITIL best practice that can help network professionals thrive during a recession. This article is the second in a series that explores ways in which network professionals can emplo...