Network Access Control

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  • Network access control -- More than endpoint security

    Network access control (NAC) holds a great deal of promise for network security, but sorting out the market and product options is a challenge. In this special report, you'll learn how to gauge if your enterprise is ready for NAC, what the difference... 

  • NAC and endpoint security frameworks: Which way to go?

    We've all heard about the Cisco and Microsoft initiatives for NAC, plus the standards-based Trusted Network Connect. What's the difference between these approaches and which, if any, should you choose to secure your endpoints and keep your local netw... 

  • NAC underneath the covers: Endpoint health assessments

    The main focus of NAC these days is to assess and endpoint and determine that it's "healthy" before it's allowed network access. But vendors have different methods of doing so. Here you'll find the questions you need to ask your vendor in order to un... 

  • Defending an expansive definition of NAC

    There is a good bit of controversy about what constitutes a complete NAC solution. Broadening our definition and expectations will enable networking pros to tightly integrate NAC into the IT infrastructure and leverage it as a true access control sys... 

  • A remote worker can threaten network security

    Remote workers are wreaking havoc on their networks. A recent study commissioned by Cisco found that teleworkers are putting security at risk. 

  • Network access control

    No network security topic is hotter these days than network access control (NAC). The general concept behind NAC is to secure the network by giving it the power to decide which endpoint devices to let in, namely those that are compliant with all rele... 

  • How to prevent former employees and administrators from accessing your server

    What do you do if you have ex-employees or even ex-administrators accessing your server remotely? How do you prevent them from doing this? Our expert, Lindi Horton, can tell you how. 

  • NAC, VPNs and behavior analysis in the Interop spotlight

    Security for the enterprise network was emphasized at Interop New York as vendors rolled out and upgraded NAC, VPN, network behavior analysis, and other threat protection products. 

  • network access control (NAC)

    Network access control (NAC), also called network admission control, is a method of bolstering the security of a proprietary network by restricting the availability of network resources to endpoint devices that comply with a defined security policy..... 

  • Secure network perimeter to result from Symantec-Juniper deal

    Juniper and Symantec announced a deal to integrate Symantec's client security software with Juniper's security hardware. The result will allow endpoint compliance and access control platforms to secure the enterprise perimeter.