Green Data Center Design

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  • Is Cisco doing enough to reduce network power consumption?

    Better power supplies and fans are not enough to reduce network power consumption. It's time for network vendors to rethink chip design and packaging. 

  • OpenFlow protocol primer: Looking under the hood

    We know the OpenFlow protocol can be used to abstract the network control plane from underlying physical infrastructure, but how exactly does the protocol work? 

  • Choose greener data center networking gear

    Choosing energy-efficient or green networking and IT gear can vitally affect your data center's environmental impact and cost of operation. Learn about environmental and cost savings benefits of choosing energy-efficient networking and IT hardware. 

  • The Green Data Center: Energy-Efficient Computing in the 21st Century wants to help you build the business case for energy efficiency in your data center. This e-book explains the forces driving IT energy consumption, why you should care and how you can mitigate the problem. Each month we will publ... 

  • Green networking

    Green networking -- the practice of designing efficient networks, consolidating devices, committing to telecommuting and videoconferencing and using virtualization to reduce power consumption across the network -- is an offshoot of the trend towards ... 

  • The Price of Power

    Traditionally, power consumption was just a cost of doing business, well within the realm of facilities management. But as both the price and demand for power continue to rise, it's a problem IT can no longer afford to ignore. Our four-part series on... 

  • Ten cabling tips in 10 minutes

    Cable may be basic, but it's integral to your network. This series of 10 tips explains and illustrates the most common types of network cable. 

  • green networking

    Green networking is the practice of selecting energy-efficient networking technologies and products, and minimizing resource use whenever possible. 

  • Data center networking efficiency

    Efficient data center networking is a sure bet if the equipment has a long life and the network capacity is fully utilized. In this video, learn how to extend the life of the data center equipment with consolidation and how to better utilize network ... 

About Green Data Center Design

Green data center design for networks is an important part of energy efficient networks. In this section, learn about green data center design, including energy efficient network architecture and components; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) for network equipment; power monitoring and emerging data center energy management tools.