Interop Conference 2013: News and analysis from Interop

Interop Conference 2013

Your home for all the news at Interop Conference 2013. Cloud computing, SDN, virtualization, data center networking and more from Las Vegas and New York.

Interop New York, Sept. 30 - Oct.1

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News from Interop NYC 2013

From product launches to new networking trends, our staff will report from on the ground in New York City. Look for daily updates on what's happening at Interop NYC 2013.

ONF to standardize northbound API for SDN applications?
Sources say the ONF is at the early stages of developing northbound API standards. Standardized SDN app interfaces could boost adoption.

Intelligent networks to support app economy, says Cisco's Chambers
Cisco CEO John Chambers hammers on new app economy and Internet of Things fueled by intelligent networks, but stresses infrastructure is still key.

Cisco adds Wave 2-ready 802.11ac access point and Catalyst 3650
Cisco announced a modular 802.11ac access point that is Wave 2-ready and a Catalyst 3650 switch with integrated wireless LAN control.

Infrastructure at Interop NYC: What to expect
451 Research Chief Analyst Eric Hanselman, chair of the Infrastructure track at this week's Interop, previews some of the hot topics at the show.

Unified communications begs for application layer know-how
At Interop NYC 2013, the application layer has become a focal point for IT professionals looking to enable unified communications and collaboration solutions.

Enterprise mobile adoption: As innovation slows, the real work begins
Many companies have launched enterprise mobile adoption strategies, but need to prepare for these inevitable challenges.

News from Interop 2013

Interop Las Vegas, May 6-10
From product launches to new networking trends, our staff reported from on the ground in Las Vegas.

The changing role of the network admin, as told by networking vendors
Networking vendors at Interop 2013 discuss the changing role of the network administrator.

Five SDN problems aired by analyst Jim Metzler
Software-defined networking is exciting, but analyst Jim Metzler says there are five SDN problems that must be aired and addressed before users can invest.

Forgot your password? FIDO Alliance works on authentication alternatives
Password-based authentication is becoming more taxing for users, especially on mobile devices. The FIDO Alliance is developing alternatives.


Analysis from Interop 2013

This year, went beyond the news. Read our Interop 2013 analysis and opinions from site editor Chuck Moozakis, news reporter Gina Narcisi and associate site editor Michelle McNickle.

NEC SDN applications and open northbound API: Will OpenDaylight bite?
NEC unveiled SDN applications built on an open northbound API to optimize and secure the cloud. Will OpenDaylight use the interface as a standard?

Study: IT, business alignment tightens, but gaps remain
Cisco's annual IT global study finds that IT and corporate goals are becoming more aligned, but that some IT execs still feel disconnected.


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