Interop 2012: Special Conference Coverage

Interop 2012: Special Conference Coverage

This year at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas, we'll hear about next-generation technologies driven by enterprise mobility, software-defined networking and cloud services. Check out our news, views and video from the show.


Application-aware networking flies under radar at Interop 2012

At Interop 2012, we see early signs of expanded application-aware networking. Broadcom is now offering merchant silicon designed for stackable switches. Other vendors, like Enterasys, just need to update their software stacks.

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News from Interop 2012

From product launches to new networking trends, our staff will report from on the ground in Las Vegas. Look for daily updates on what's happening at Interop 2012.

Ensuring Quality of Experience: Monitor networks or applications

As more and more business processes become network-dependent, network managers must find ways to measure quality of experience for end users.

Is cloud video the answer to saving WAN bandwidth?

The number of devices supporting video is growing; an Interop 2012 panel discusses whether putting video in the cloud can help lessen bandwidth burdens over the WAN.

ShoreTel allows customers to have duel personalities

At Interop 2012, ShoreTel demonstrated enhancements to its cloud-based phone system following its acquisition of M5. The new portal –an M5 offering — can give users the ability to manage their personal preferences including call routing and voicemail management.

UC apps vendors must strive for interoperability

UC vendors must learn to play nice with others to fit into enterprise multi-vendor strategies.

More News

Opinion from Interop 2012

This year, we'll go beyond the news. Look for Interop 2012 analysis and opinions from news director Shamus McGillicuddy, SearchEnterpriseWAN site editor Tessa Parmenter, and news reporter Gina Narcisi.

Again with the booth babes? Interop 2012

Out of respect for women in IT, news director Shamus McGillicuddy says 'no way' to vendors with booth babes.

Smartphone Design Peaks as Virtual Software and Applications Take Center Stage

Smartphones are slick, well designed and incredibly functional but they may have hit the ergonomics wall in terms of the balance between beauty and real world utility. Today, "it's all about the user interface and apps. We will see relatively little evolution in terms of industrial design going forward," says Craig Mathias, a long-time mobile and wireless analyst who has been following cell phones and smartphones since the clumsy bag phones were all the rage.

Wide area networking sessions at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas

Are you wondering where to go at the Interop Las Vegas 2012 conference? This reporter’s notebook highlights the most relevant wide area networking sessions.

Video from Interop 2012

You don't have to be at Interop 2012 in Las Vegas to see the scenes. We'll post video footage from the show, including product demos, interviews and more.