Application performance monitoring

Application performance monitoring best practices

More complex, more distributed and more dynamic than ever before, the modern IT environment needs application performance management (APM) that matches its agility. Inadequate application performance can directly affect a business, hurting brand image or cutting into revenue as customers struggle to complete transactions.

In this guide, brings together knowledge from experts on why application performance is so crucial for businesses and how to approach the task effectively. Read about the distinctions between network and application monitoring and why agile cloud networks are essential for optimizing application performance.

Table of contents:

Prioritizing performance testing

Even as applications become increasingly complex, the quality of their performance grows more critical for businesses. To maximize the value IT delivers to a company, experts call for a broader, swifter approach to analysing software. More holistic approaches like business service management (BSM) can up efficiency by allowing greater automation, while prioritizing application support around the value to the business ensures more efficient performance management. Keeping tabs on facets such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is crucial in avoiding strains on your network, as is comprehensive scalability testing.

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Approaching APM proactively

Convolution and complexity are signalling opportunities for partners as competition ramps up between vendors. Experts say the path toward optimal application performance calls for a combination of application performance monitoring and application delivery controllers (ADCs), and recent partnerships indicate vendors are taking note. Input from analysts makes another point clear: Proactive network monitoring and application-level monitoring are essential when looking to gauge user experience.

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Application performance in the cloud

Following the accelerating momentum toward the cloud, APM has become increasingly essential for providing insight into application performance and availability. Taking a fresh look at network design and connectivity and integrating Quality of Service (QoS) management will help organizations optimize application performance. With the added emphasis on public cloud, QoS management for integration of private and public cloud resources is another point worth considering.

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Approaching performance management

From custom analysis through Tool Command Language scripting to speedy filter analysis of source data, the options for monitoring network and application performance are extensive. Choosing the right product calls for a full understanding of your network challenges. This expert advice explains the distinction between various performance management approaches to help you choose the technology that fits your needs.

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