Advanced Workshops

These Advanced IT Workshops are multi-media lessons dedicated to providing IT and business professionals with an advanced, in-depth understanding of essential and emerging networking, cloud, and wireless topics.

Table of contents:

Intrusion detection and prevention systems

Networking professionals have found it's not enough to go with signature-based intrusion detection and prevention systems for network security. Now they've added behavior analysis and specifically anomaly detection to get the most benefit out of their systems. But that approach is not without its challenges and they need the appropriate tools to make it work. With this advanced workshop, you'l learn how these intrusion prevention system (IPS) techniques deter hackers and protect your network.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks have become pervasive in the enterprise yet there are still many challenges that remain. Historically, security has been the primary concern but enterprise-wide implementations raise additional issues involving management, performance and reliability. These Advanced Workshops explore the enterprise-specific concerns of wireless networks and offer you expert advice and insight into securing and managing your wireless infrastructure.

Next-Gen Data Center Networks

As IT planners contemplate the private cloud, a great deal of emphasis is placed available services and functions at the upper levels of the cloud stack: virtualization, orchestration, multi-tenancy and provisioning. Because this is a new model for service delivery from the data center, it is critical to recognize that service delivery goes across the network, which means just as much attention must be placed at the lower levels of the cloud stack. Specifically, private clouds require more than networking as usual, and implementing private clouds requires a new way of thinking about data center networking.

About the instructor: Ted Ritter is a senior research analyst with Nemertes Research, where he conducts research, advises clients, and delivers strategic seminars. A Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Ritter leads Nemertes' research on information stewardship, which includes compliance and the management, access, storage and backup of data.