Wireless threats and vulnerabilities

Networking Wireless threats and vulnerabilities:

Chapter 3: WLAN Security

Wireless threats and vulnerabilities

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  • Wireless attacks, A to Z

    School -  In our buzzword-filled industry, wrapping your arms around wireless attacks and their potential business impacts can be tough. This tip tries to bring order to this chaos by providing a reference list of attacks against 802.11 and 802.1X, categorized by...

  • Fighting wireless DoS attacks

    School -  Despite recent 802.11 security advances, WLANs remain very vulnerable to Denial of Service attacks. While you may not be able to prevent DoS attacks, a WIDS can help you detect when DoS attacks occur and where they come from, so that you can track the...

  • Wi-Fi vulnerability assessment checklist

    School -  Vulnerability assessments can help you find and fix WLAN weaknesses before attackers take advantage of them. But where do you start? What should you look for? Have you covered all the bases? This checklist will help to answer these questions.

  • Burton: WLANs safe for everyone

    14 Jul 2005

    Article -  A Burton Group analyst says it's time to cast those enterprise wireless LAN security and management fears aside, and explains why Wi-Fi is finally a viable alternative to wired networks.

  • Network Security First-step: Wireless threats

    Tutorial -  This tip introduces you to wireless LANs (WLANs) and the security risks associated with them.

  • Wi-Fi Security - Chapter 4

    Tip -  This chapter presents an assessment of wireless security with focus on the effective response to three primary issues.

  • 802.11 Security: Attacks and risks

    Reprint -  Knowing the risks involved in wireless networks will provide you with better protection for your assets and your users.