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February 2011 Vol. 2, No. 1

Using NAS devices for data center virtualization storage

If there is a common theme that runs through all virtualization environments, it is the need for data center virtualization storage space. Despite the move toward Storage Area Network (SAN) technology, Network Attached Storage (NAS) meets this need for space in many an enterprise data center. As the number of virtual machine images multiplies in a data center, hundreds of gigabytes of space are consumed. Likewise, as virtual machines move between physical servers in order to maximize the efficiency of the entire environment, a shared network medium between those servers allows for a quick handoff and transition. In a virtualized environment, NAS appliances can serve as swap space to move virtual machines between servers, act as a backup medium, or play the role of central repository for all virtual disk images. In any of these scenarios, data centers and network administrators need to understand the role of NAS appliances and their implications to the network. Why NAS over SAN for data center virtualization storage? There are ...

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