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Jim Frey Published: 29 Nov 2012

It may be early days for 100 Gigabit Ethernet, but many service providers have deployed the technology, and now a small but growing number of enterprises are proceeding with it as well. As soon as 100 GbE is in live production, network and security pros will need to manage and monitor these networks. Herein lies the challenge—some management tools are ready for this next level of ultra-speed, but some clearly are not. Of 15 network management and monitoring vendors contacted for recent research, very few had concrete products in place or even a near-term roadmap. Yet most are aware of the emerging need for 100 GbE monitoring and management and are exploring how to accommodate customers. The difficulty of monitoring 100 GbE networks varies depending on the type of network management tool or strategy. Some network management strategies lend themselves more easily to adapting to ultra-high speed networks, while others must be heavily transformed. The following is an assessment of existing network management strategies and whether they’re ready to handle 100 GbE... Access >>>

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