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Ivan Pepelnjak, CCIE No. 1354, Fast Packet Blogger Published: 10 Oct 2012

If you haven’t spent the last few weeks on a forgotten island with no satellite phone coverage, you’ve probably noticed the spiking levels of hype surrounding the newest internetworking technology OpenFlow. The networking industry is obviously in dire need of the next big thing. The last time I saw something similar to this was in the early 2000s when MPLS was supposed to solve every internetworking problem ever envisioned. In those days the levels of hype were so high that someone wrote an April 1st RFC describing the use of MPLS for electricity transport. Read Ivan's IOS Hints Blog Stateless NAT is useless MPLS/VPN common services design Scaling IAAS network infrastructure Like MPLS, OpenFlow won’t bring world peace, cure cancer or discover alien civilizations. It might, however, help change the internetworking environment in the same way Unix and Linux changed the operating system landscape by providing a standard way of configuring forwarding tables in a distributed switching architecture. But that doesn't account for the explosion of OpenFlow ... Access >>>

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