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Published: 25 Mar 2013

The network must virtualize, and overlay networks may be the best path available. The demand for network virtualization is prompted by the cloud provider community’s quest for a new way to manage, orchestrate and automate network management. Traditional networks just can’t keep pace with the cloud’s requirements for agility, flexibility and manageability. In an effort to evolve, the networking industry is virtualizing networks to give them properties similar to server virtualization. This network virtualization involves networks being decoupled from hardware, with the flexibility of virtualization and quick provisioning speeds. One way to decouple networks is to create a virtual network abstraction. Just like server virtualization provided a virtual machine abstraction from x86 hardware, networks can provide virtual network abstractions with the same properties and operational simplicity. How can you create virtual network abstractions? This is where overlay networks come into play. Role of Overlays in Network Virtualization An overlay is essentially a ... Access >>>

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