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Access "ATA over Ethernet for converged data center networks? No way"

Published: 10 Oct 2012

By Ivan Pepelnjak, Fast Packet Blogger When I started exploring storage networking technologies from a networking engineer's perspective, I stumbled across ATA over Ethernet (ATAoE) – or ATA command set transported directly within Ethernet frames. The approach seemed similar to Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) – only with even less industry acceptance. As I abhor protocol designers who are shortsighted enough to purposely limit themselves to a single LAN domain, I never looked deeper into the technology until I stumbled across an article in The Register praising the virtues of ATAoE. Check out Ivan's blog: Cisco IOSHints Long distance vMotion and the traffic trombone vMotion: An elephant in the data center room DCB and TRILL have nothing in common Further research quickly confirmed that ATAoE is limited primarily to a single vendor (Coraid) and the Wikipedia article on ATAoE revealed an "amazing" fact: "AoE specification is 12 pages compared with iSCSI's 257 pages." While I never considered the length of protocol specification to be an indication of its ... Access >>>

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