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October 2012 Vol 3, No. 5

Do we need a network hypervisor for virtualization?

Today traditional networks are not built to support the scalability required by large-scale server virtualization and the automated provisioning that is required for Infrastructure-as-a-Service models. But new network virtualization methods -- possibly even a network hypervisor -- could change all of that. Today upward of 50% of all servers run as virtual machines. Each one is connected to a virtual network with virtual switches and network adapters that are all created through the server virtualization hypervisor. This wide-scale virtualization will enable service providers and large enterprises to offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service in which companies or groups of users can self-provision virtual machines and network resources on demand with just a few clicks. Ultimately, they'll be able to create mini virtual data centers using these resources. On the server side of this equation, the technology is ready to go, but traditional networks are preventing this flexibility. These networks are burdened with cumbersome physical ...

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