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Network Evolution

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Discover the next generation of mobile application performance management

October 2014 Vol. 5 / No. 7

Issue Highlights

    • Mobile application performance takes center stage
    • A new take on video conferencing in healthcare
    • 25 Gigabit Ethernet: Why that, why now and what's next
    • In wireless, SDN can boost interoperability and performance
    • As mobility's role grows, need for better mobile APM tools follows

Previous Issues

    • What does WebRTC video mean for the network?

      September 2014 Vol.5 / No. 6 Includes:
      • Will WebRTC video blow up the network?
      • The bare-metal switch moves closer to mainstream
      • Aggregation in IPv6 routing curbs effects of Internet growth
      • Supporting IoT devices requires careful WLAN design
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    • Context makes network security policy smarter, but not easier

      August 2014 Vol.5 / No. 5 Includes:
      • Network programming skills from scripting to DevOps: What to learn
      • Hybrid SDN is the gateway drug to the new network
      • Context-aware security: Big benefits for networks, but no shortcuts
      • Upgrading the core when network downtime isn't an option
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    • As users carry more devices, wireless network design must evolve

      June 2014 Vol.5 / No. 4 Includes:
      • MPLS networks not obsolete, but Internet as WAN catches up
      • Why not replace routers with smart switches?
      • Lync voice capabilities mature, but can they replace PBXs?
      • As demands and devices multiply, high-density wireless gains traction
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    • Finally! APM vendors design tools with networking pros in mind

      April 2014 Vol.5 / No.3 Includes:
      • Benefits of video conferencing include less travel, but it's not No. 1
      • Complex apps need network-based application performance management tools
      • 802.11ac Wi-Fi takes the lead, but wired network has to play backup
      • Networking pros need an APM tool designed for them -- not developers
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    • VPN lockdown: Evaluating cloud vs. managed VPN providers

      March 2014 Vol.5 / No.2 Includes:
      • IPsec vs. SSL VPNs: Understanding the basics
      • Network engineer job description will evolve, not evaporate, with SDN
      • OpenStack networking and orchestration: What's possible?
      • Remote access for the iPad generation: Managed vs. cloud VPN services
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    • Does SDN change everything in network architectures?

      February 2014 Vol 5 / No.1 Includes:
      • New network architectures and traditional components: Why both are key
      • Is service agility the payoff in network functions virtualization?
      • How WebRTC technology could turn enterprise video on its head
      • SDN and NFV: Show me the business benefits
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    • Hybrid cloud: When public and private clouds collide

      December 2013 Vol. 4 / No.6 Includes:
      • Hybrid cloud: Who's in control when public and private clouds collide?
      • IPv6, SDN: When worlds collide ... in a good way
      • When cloud-based UC makes sense
      • Bare metal switches: Will merchant silicon take over networking?
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    • Five trends changing the game for UC

      October 2013 / Vol 4 / No.5 Includes:
      • The programmable WAN: Applications are boss and networks bend
      • Is IT operational efficiency sexy enough to entice investment?
      • Five unified communications trends that change the collaboration game
      • Application visibility and control tools emerge for the wireless world
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    • Harvesting business intelligence with network monitoring tools

      August 2013 / Vol. 4 / No. 4 Includes:
      • CIOs are laying SDN plans, but slowly
      • The 802.11ad standard is fast, but do we need that much throughput?
      • When network monitoring tools improve business intelligence
      • Can you miss the emerging network technology investment boat?
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    • WAN optimization policy goes deep

      June 2013 / Vol. 4/ No. 3 Includes:
      • WAN security vendor: To go network hardware provider or third-party?
      • What is Ethernet-dedicated Internet?
      • WAN optimization policy goes deep: Think, user, time, location
      • The new WAN: Virtualization, user-aware optimization, and more
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    • Hybrid Cloud networking falls short, but not for long

      April 2013 Includes:
      • How virtual switching integrates the network edge
      • Overlays may be the best path forward for networking
      • Hybrid cloud networking falls short, but not for long
      • Integrating physical and virtual networks: Virtual switching tactics
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    • BYOD challenges that lurk beyond network security

      Feburary 2013 - Vol 4/ No.1 Includes:
      • Balancing wireless LAN troubleshooting strategies for BYOD
      • Four IT shops, four approaches to BYOD network security
      • BYOD challenges that lurk beyond network security
      • In BYOD networking, no single solution
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    • Let the 40 Gigabit Ethernet migration begin

      Vol 3/ No.6 Includes:
      • 40 Gigabit Ethernet: The migration begins
      • Will we ever need 400 Gigabit Ethernet enterprise networks?
      • The 100 Gigabit Ethernet management challenge: Do tools exist?
      • It’s not too early to worry about 40 and 100 GbE migration
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    • Are SDN solutions the answer to private cloud bottlenecks?

      October 2012 Vol 3, No. 5 Includes:
      • Software defined networking for the private cloud network bottleneck?
      • Do we need a network hypervisor for virtualization?
      • Software-defined networking could make Network-as-a-Service a reality
      • Building on OpenFlow, FlowVisor offers path towards open network virtualization
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    • Data center fabric wars

      August 2012 Vol. 3, No. 4 Includes:
      • Deep packet inspection tools: Proxy vs. stream-based
      • Using wireless network bandwidth monitoring to stay within data caps
      • Data center network fabrics vs. software – defined fabrics
      • With network fabrics, choosing a vendor means commitment
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    • Wireless LANs and Multimedia: Matching wired network performance and quality

      June 2012 Vol. 3, No. 3 Includes:
      • Ad hoc network creation: Overcoming personal wi-fi hotspot competition
      • Three enterprise cellular options
      • Myth vs. Reality: Cloud-managed Wireless LAN
      • Sustaining WLAN performance for video traffic explosion
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    • Network security in a world of mobile workers

      April 2012 Vol. 3, No. 2 Includes:
      • Mobile device security best practices for BYOD
      • Is virtual desktop infrastructure the answer?
      • Networking for BYOD: No single solution
      • NAC technology evolves in a BYOD policy world
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    • Next generation network management techniques

      February 2012 Vol. 3, No. 1 Includes:
      • Network performance testing considerations for a 40 GbE upgrade
      • When military radar causes fixed broadband wireless interference
      • Top ten 2011 network blogger opinions: Do you agree?
      • Will the DevOps movement simplify network automation?
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    • Revisiting past predictions for networking technology

      December 2011 Vol. 2, No. 6 Includes:
      • Enterprise wireless connection policy: Navigating cellular vs. WiFi
      • FCoE network convergence will start at the edge but move to the rack
      • Myth of VM mobility and follow-the-sun data centers
      • Hotspot 2.0 primer: Another step toward Wi-Fi
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    • Adopting an application-centric architecture

      October 2011 Vol. 2, No. 5 Includes:
      • Network application performance monitoring: Storage to the user
      • Where is the real session-based application-aware routing?
      • Understanding the value of an enterprise application-aware firewall
      • Can your security strategy handle networked facilities management?
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    • Is the network ready for the private cloud?

      August 2011 Vol. 2, No. 4 Includes:
      • Developing a private cloud computing strategy for your network
      • Is OpenFlow networking bunk? What vendors don't want to discuss
      • Zappos cloud security strategy: Distributed management
      • Networker's guide to private cloud orchestration
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    • How networks are adapting to virtualization

      June 2011 Vol. 2, No. 3 Includes:
      • Network diagnostics that see through virtualization
      • vSphere VLAN: Understanding 802.1Q VLAN tagging
      • Desktop virtualization network challenges: A primer
      • Virtualization demands a full IT infrastructure audit
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    • Wired and wireless: Can you achieve an integrated network?

      April 2011 Vol. 2, No. 2 Includes:
      • Integrated wired and wireless LAN security? Not so fast
      • Tablet security: Best practices for the tablet computer onslaught
      • How to troubleshoot iPad and iPhone Wi-Fi connection problems
      • Efficient enterprise Wi-Fi coverage requires hybrid approach
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    • Unraveling the secrets of converged storage networks

      February 2011 Vol. 2, No. 1 Includes:
      • Using NAS devices for data center virtualization storage
      • Rethinking data center network connectivity for new architectures
      • FCoE or iSCSI? Doesn’t matter! It’s about the Ethernet
      • Virtualization for disaster recovery offers flexibility
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