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Formula for calculating bandwidth

What’s the best formula for bandwidth? Get an expert’s take on the unique factors of network bandwidth and the bandwidth formula for a peer-to-peer setup in this tip.

Mr. Johnson,
My question is, what is the formula for bandwidth calculation?

Also, what is the formula for calculating an internet protocol (IP) Address?

There isn’t one simple bandwidth formula -- bandwidth is a tough metric to measure. There are usually unique factors for a bandwidth formula depending on the topology in use. The general formula for bandwidth is measured by bytes/over time. A simple home experiment can be used to calculate your bandwidth between a peer-to-peer setup. Connect 2 computers together with an Ethernet crossover cable. Transfer a 100 MB file from one computer to the other. If the 100MB file takes 10 seconds to transfer you have a 10MB connection.

There is no specific formula to calculate an IP address unless you have its binary address or other information. The IP range you use will depend on the number of networking devices you will be using. If you are on only using one or two computers you can use a private IP address on the 192.168.1/24 network (IE.

This was last published in August 2002

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