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25 Gigabit Ethernet: What's the rush?

If you blinked, you may have missed it: A consortium formed this summer to develop a 25 Gigabit Ethernet specification, with plans to have 25 Gbps switches shipping in two years. Here's why the industry is in such a hurry.

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When mobile apps crash: The pause that depresses

As more businesses moves to mobile platforms, enterprises have to make sure their mobile applications perform like they're supposed to. Vendors are trying to address that need with more granular mobile application performance management (APM) tools.

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New mobile APM tools pinpoint source of performance issues

Networking pros have little insight into why a mobile app misbehaves, but they can be sure the network will be blamed. Newer mobile APM tools with more granular visibility and controls aim to identify and resolve problems faster.

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Discover the next generation of mobile application performance management

Traditional application performance management (APM) tools have given network managers little, if any, visibility into what causes performance problems in mobile apps. And yet, they're often caught between frustrated users complaining about slow ...

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Networking Basics

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    Introduction to firewalls: Types of firewalls

    To keep your network data secure, start with this introduction to firewalls. This tutorial provides an overview of what firewalls are and what benefits they provide, how they work and different firewall types. Get important information you'll need ...

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    OCP casting wider net in open source strategy

    Open Compute Project garners this month's Network Innovation Award for its work in developing an OS-agnostic top-of-rack switch.

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    When timing is everything: Why NTP matters

    As more applications use IP networks, reliable distribution of authoritative timing information is becoming critical.

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