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Improve your WAN by applying aggregation and SDN

WAN aggregation allows continuous, high-performance networking, and software-defined networking delivers greater security, visibility and control. In this tip, expert John Burke evaluates both technologies to help you better optimize your network.


GWCC upgrades to 802.11ac Meru wireless technology

The Georgia World Congress Center has upgraded to 802.11ac Meru wireless technology to support thousands of attendees, exhibitors and mobile devices.


Array sets new WAN device; 4.5 million records hacked

ICYMI: Array unveils low-cost WAN optimization; Cisco layoffs are more strategic than you might think.


ExtraHop opens wire data feed into big data hubs

ExtraHop integrates its wire data monitoring platform with big data hubs MongoDB and ElasticSearch to expand opportunities for IT operations analytics.

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    variable-length subnet mask (VLSM)

    Definition: Learn what a variable-length subnet mask (VLSM) is and how it allows network engineers to reduce the number of wasted IP addresses in each subnet.

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    peer-to-peer (P2P)

    Definition: Learn what peer-to-peer (P2) means and how the P2P communication model allows each network node to be both a client and a server.

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    OSI reference model (Open Systems Interconnection)

    Definition: Learn what the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) reference model is and how its seven layers of functions provide vendors and developers with a common language for discussing how messages should be transmitted between any two points in ...

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