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How virtual networking is changing the data center

The virtualized network is outstripping hardware and fundamentally altering data center plans, though in the long run, it has the chance to revolutionize them.


Switchdev and SAI offer promise for developers and end users

This week, bloggers discuss switchdev and SAI, how vendors can improve their bug-catching efforts and the evolution of the Internet of Things.


Four examples of networks in challenging environments

If you think you had a weird day at the office, check out some of the crazy conditions these IT pros work in as we explore four networks off the beaten path.


What's next for next-gen firewalls?

The next-generation firewall has become the focal point of an enterprise security strategy that integrates with cloud-based threat analysis and endpoint management.

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    How to buy a content delivery network

    A CDN is a system of distributed servers that deliver Web pages and other types of content such as video to users based on their geographic location; this minimizes latency and eases the traffic load on the customer's network. CDN services are ...

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    Learn how to pick the best CDN

    This Buyer's Guide informs IT professionals about the latest in content delivery networks (CDNs). It reviews how CDNs work, their key features and offers a bottom line on how to choose the best CDN for their enterprise.

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    IPv6: This time, there is no reason to wait

    Gathering knowledge on IPv6 connectivity and implementation is critical to success in modern IP networking.

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